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Marisha completed her 2 years (2200 hrs) of massage therapy training at CDI College where she finished at the top of the class. She is registered with the Remedial Massage Therapists Association of Alberta (RMTA). Regardless of your reason for coming for a massage, whether for relaxation or a therapeutic sports focus, her compassion and professional capacities can make a real difference in your life.

Testimonials from our clients:

Wonderful experience Received a fantastic massage from Marisha. She is highly skilled and very knowledgeable and provided excellent feedback and helpful advice on managing my back and neck tension. An extremely inviting clinic with amazing service. I’ll be back! Everett Babiuk

Everything is great I’ve been seeing both Gord and Marisha for years, and they’re always professional, knowledgable, and helpful. They are also kind and make me feel like they care about me as a person, and not just a client paying money. You can tell that Gord runs this clinic with all his heart. Everything about it has been thought through, including the atmosphere, and it runs efficiently and smoothly as well. Long time happy customer

Always wonderful Massage therapy with Marisha is always great! She does excellent work and checks in to see if anything needs to be changed or adjusted. She’s really responsive to any nagging injuries or issues. Laura

Always a great experience I am always blown away by the knowledge of Marisha. I learn something new every visit & always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Darci Heisz

So wonderful The massage by Marisha was like going to a world of peace and tranquility. Her attention to my very sore neck area was remarkable. I endured significant pain during covid-19 restrictions and am so glad you are back providing relief. Thank you! Joanna P

Excellent Massage The ATP is my only destination for massage; Marisha does an awesome job and I appreciate it! Why does the time fly by so fast 🙂 Kevin Lapes

TOP NOTCH CLINIC!!! After three months of no treatments, for my first visit back I saw Marisha for a massage than Gord for acupuncture. The first covered my overall body aches and pains. The second took care of some specific joint issues. It was two hours of much needed body healing and maintenance. Unsurprisingly I had exceptional care and left feeling restored…it’s good to get back to the routines. W.H.

Fabulous massage for so many reasons I was in incredible pain and the massage along with cupping relieved the pain. I was able to complete my days work without any pain medication. Thank you Marisha for your ability to work the pain out of my shoulder. Joanna P

Massage Marisha always discusses the treatment, is an extremely competent professional, dedicated and was her usual awesome self. W.H.

Massage visit I have a good experience every time I visit (which is less often than I’d like!). I really enjoy the calm, serene atmosphere of this place, and all the thoughtful consideration they put in, with things like the reading library and water/tea in the lobby area. I just had a massage with Marisha and she was fantastic. Sarah

Excellent service I’ve seen Gord and Marisha in the past and my experience has always been very good. Gord has a wealth of knowledge! After a breast cancer mastectomy and then breast reconstruction, I continue to see Marisha. She is very caring, patient and accommodating to my changed body. When you enter their office you immediately feel relaxed. It has a very warm and comfortable atmosphere. Natalie M

Full Body Massage Marisha was excellent in providing the full body massage. She paid extra attention to the pain in my right shoulder and I can already feel that the pain is greatly reduced and I have better movement.I will definitely be going back for a full body massage soon. Gooneshwaree B

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Marisha completed her 2 years (2200 hrs) of massage therapy training at CDI College where she fin... Read More

Let’s make a turning point in your health!

Gord is energized by and finds incredible meaning in working with and learning from his clients. He believes that the process of how you engage any significant health issue can be a transformative life experience. His compassionate, knowledgeable, integrated, and encouraging approach to health care are some of the reasons he has helped so many clients to be at their best and make lasting turning points in their health. Gord first discovered the healing abilities of acupuncture when it became a key factor in overcoming chronic pain from injuries and allowed him to return to long distance running. This experience ignited a passion and desire to help others in the same way, to get them back to doing the things they love.

Back pain specialty.

One of Gord’s particular interests is in working to resolve all kinds of back pain – chronic, acute, upper, lower, sports-related, work-related, etc. – an area in which there is a large body of evidence to support the effectiveness of acupuncture and other Chinese medicine techniques. In working with clients to get rid of back pain and prevent it from returning, he draws heavily upon the rehabilitation approaches and guidance offered in “The Back Mechanic”, a well- known treatment guide written by renowned back pain expert Dr. Stuart McGill.

Considering health in the context of a whole and interconnected system.

Gord’s extensive training and background uniquely position him to understand the medical technicalities of injury and disease as well as to consider health in the context of a whole and interconnected system, where mind and body influence each other. Gord founded The Acupuncture Turning Point in 2008, after graduating from MacEwan University’s acupuncture program with distinction. He was an instructor of physiology and pathology in MacEwan’s acupuncture program for a number of years, and headed a research project while there to conduct a controlled clinical study on the effects of acupuncture for easing hormonal discomforts. In addition to being a registered acupuncturist, Gord has a background in science and research (Ph.D. from the University of Alberta, B.Sc. from the University of British Columbia). Over the years, he has worked in various roles from veterinary diagnostic pathology to environmental/food analytical chemistry, and ran a successful honey farm for many years in northern Alberta, before returning to Edmonton for his studies.

In Gord’s progression through these varied life experiences, he has always maintained the heart of both a student and a teacher, learning and integrating as much as possible along the way, applying what he has learned, and guiding others to use reason to discover what works best for them and their unique situation.

Working with the best of Eastern and Western approaches to health.

A central theme in Gord’s practice is to work with the best of Eastern and Western approaches to health. He emphasizes the holistic nature of acupuncture to support awareness of body function and the body’s inherent ability to heal. At the same time, he clearly maintains the view that his practice is a complement to the potent and necessary acute care model of the medical system, working alongside it and enhancing its effectiveness where possible. Gord is intrigued by the opportunity to more deeply explore and address the predisposing conditions that contribute to injuries, disease, and suboptimal performance, and is motivated by working with guidance from the client to improve overall health and function together.

Let’s make a turning point in your health! Gord is energized by and finds incredible meaning in ... Read More

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